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“I wanna be your puppy”

“I wanna be your puppy”

Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood and the Queer Cute Body

(p.172) “I wanna be your puppy”
Affective Materialities
Anna Christine
University Press of Florida

Taking up queer reconfigurations of the modernist body, Anna Christine addresses Djuna Barnes’s unusual array of bodies in Nightwood—bodies that cross boundaries of human and animal, objects and subjects, male and female. Christine finds these bodies are uniquely able to coerce readers through the unassuming, yet edged “cuteness” of these queer bodies, subsuming typical responses of disgust or disorientation. The “cute,” queer erotic encounter then becomes means to open hopeful space for a non-heteronormative sexual futurity, a futurity that does not move forward laterally but goes down—and on all fours

Keywords:   Djuna Barnes, modernist body, Nightwood

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