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Final Abolition, 1846

Final Abolition, 1846

(p.96) 6 Final Abolition, 1846
The Abolition of Slavery in Ottoman Tunisia
Ismael M. Montana
University Press of Florida

Chapter 6 analyses Ahmad Bey's justification for abolition, emancipation of slaves, and the final edict sent to the al-Majlis al-Shar'i in the form of a religious petition. It discusses the legal basis of this petition and interrogates the historical, religious, moral, political, and secular arguments employed by Ahmad Bey for abolition.

Keywords:   Mass emancipation, Sharia Council, Sidi Mahrez, 'Atqa, Manumission document, 'Abid, Ibn Abi Diyaf, 'Istifta', Bilad al-Sudan, Illegal enslavement

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