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Reforms and Foreign Trade, 1759–1814

Reforms and Foreign Trade, 1759–1814

(p.25) 2 Reforms and Foreign Trade, 1759–1814
The Abolition of Slavery in Ottoman Tunisia
Ismael M. Montana
University Press of Florida

Chapter 2 surveys internal reforms and Tunisian foreign trade from 1759 to 1814, placing the slave trade within this broad framework. Initially these reforms were undertaken to strengthen the autonomy of Tunis, but thereafter Tunisian beys took advantage of expanding European trade to redefine commercial relations to benefit Tunisia.

Keywords:   Ghadames, Ali Bey I, Hammuda Pasha, Teskere, Western Mediterranean, Napoleonic Wars, Britain, Lord Exmouth, Husaynid Dynasty, Yusuf sahib al-Taba'

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