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Carnival of the People

Carnival of the People

Batucadas and Afoxés

(p.143) 5 Carnival of the People
African-Brazilian Culture and Regional Identity in Bahia, Brazil
Scott Ickes
University Press of Florida

Chapter 5 explores the important changes that took place within Bahian Carnival during the Vargas era. Between 1938 and 1952 the elites clubs, which had dominated Carnival since the late nineteenth century, were financially hampered. This created a vacuum within Carnival that the African-Bahian batucadas filled. The batucadas and the African-Bahian afoxés played important roles in creating the association between Bahia and African-Bahian culture. The chapter shows the importance of African-Bahian agency, the power of public performance and ritual, and the extent and limitations of the dominant class's reshaping of the meanings of Bahianness from 1930 to 1954. This chapter is the first scholarly treatment of mid-twentieth-century Bahian Carnival.

Keywords:   Carnival, Batucadas, Afoxés, Samba

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