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The Revitalization of African-Bahian Culture

The Revitalization of African-Bahian Culture

(p.40) 2 The Revitalization of African-Bahian Culture
African-Brazilian Culture and Regional Identity in Bahia, Brazil
Scott Ickes
University Press of Florida

Chapter 2 tells the story of the revitalization of African-Bahian culture from 1930 to 1937, as leading African-Bahians, especially within the Candomblé community, cooperated with progressive middle-class intellectuals to take advantage of the political opening created by Vargas's appointed governor Juracy Magalhães. This alliance asserted African-Bahian claims to public space and pushed for greater acceptance of African-Bahian traditions. This process was foundational for the reversal of the dominant-class position on African-Bahian culture and the recalibration of Bahian regional identity after 1930.

Keywords:   Juracy Magalhães, Candomblé, Edison Carneiro, Washing of Bonfim, Martiniano do Bonfim, Mãe Aninha, Mestre Bimba, Second Afro-Brazilian Congress

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