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George Walton's Letters on Slavery, with an Account of a Dream

(p.37) 2 1774
The Having of Negroes Is Become a Burden
Michael J. Crawford
University Press of Florida

In April 1974, Thomas Newby, a prominent Quaker and member of the yearly meeting's Standing Committee, expressed his “uneasiness” to the Perquimans monthly meeting about owning slaves and asked the meeting's advice on how to go about freeing them. The Standing Committee determined that any Friend who wished to free his slaves could do so with the permission of his monthly meeting. George Walton wrote a letter to Newby regarding Newby's inclination to free his slaves, even if that action was contrary to the law. Walton began a campaign to persuade other Quakers to set their slaves free.

Keywords:   George Walton, Thomas Newby, Quakers, Standing Committee, Perquimans, slaves

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